Beavers Bend Brewery

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Fleucy Creek Pale Ale
Our crack at an American style pale ale. A medium body with a pleasant bite of piney cascade hops.

Milder than its hoppy brethren IPA, this ale is our strongest-flavored offering with plenty of  flowery aroma.
IBU (bitterness level): 35

Hoppin’ Jalapeno Ale
A fan favorite, this unique blonde is more bark than bite. A strong jalapeño aroma gives way to a smooth, light-bodied ale that tingles the throat on the way down.
IBU (bitterness level): 23

Blonde Beaver Ale
A light blonde ale with a touch of hops that separates it from traditional American lagers and ales.
IBU (bitterness level): 22

Later Dude IPA
A welI-balanced India Pale Ale featuring fragrant Centennial and Warrior hops. This ale boasts plenty of finishing hops but is smooth:64

Red Slough Amber Ale
A hybrid between a red and brown ale, Red Slough is full-bodied with hints of malt, caramel, chocolate and a small touch of coffee.
IBU (bitterness level): 26

Bigfoot Brown
Our dark winter seasonal is rich in color and flavor. Espresso and chocolate notes give way to a smooth, malty finish. Classified as a mild ale, this brew is very lightly hopped, but has plenty of biscuity malt. Available in Winter only.
IBU (bitterness level): 18